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                                 Our members are being improperly denied FMLA and disabilities
                                                                           Just to recap

1. Every member is required to call his/her manager if not reporting to work every day. If the manager is not available call any manager in the center

2. If the member is sick for 4 calendar days (off days included) and is under doctor's card with a treatment program, the member may qualify for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act).

3. To qualify the member must have at least 12 months seniority and
     have worked in the last 12 months.

4. The member's manager must send in two electronic forms.

5. The member receives a form from their manager for the doctor to fill out and submit to the FMLA group (on the form are instructions). The member's name and social security number should be pre-populated on the top of the form.

6. The form must be sent to the FMLA group in 15 days from the date of occurrence.

7.  If the absence goes to 8 calendar days the member must call the disability center at 
877-722-0020   (SBC Connect)

8.    The member must provide the following information:

9.   The treating doctor's name, address and phone number.

10. The symptoms, name of the illness, or doctor’s diagnosis.

11. You will receive a claim number and be told when the medical information from the doctor will be required.

12. You will receive "conditional disability payments" till the medical information is received. If the disability is not approved this money will be reimbursed to the company.

13. There are forms for the doctor to fill out.

14. The doctor must fax or mail office and treatment records, lab and x-ray results and a hospital discharge summary if you were in the hospital

15. If records are not complete the disability will not be approved.

16. Most disabilities are denied because the doctor does not state why the Member can not work. 
      Important: Ask the doctor why you can not work and make sure it is put in your records.

17. Very Important (tip)
     Keep all Documentation in a 3 ring Binder


Criteria for FMLA Extensions

You are allowed 15 days, plus 5 days for mailing, to provide certification. If the certification is incomplete you are given an additional 5 days. If by that time nothing is provided then no extension is given. If the time delay is from your doctor's office then they need to fax a letter (on their letterhead) of explanation as to why the delay occured to the FMLA department.