Because of  Collective 

              Bargaining - Health

1960 - Established major medical plan for employees, retirees and dependents

1964 - Established Basic Medical health plan in addition to major medical for employees, pensioners and dependents. Company paid 1/4 of cost - employee paid 3/4 cost of insurance premium
- Company agreed to pay full premium of health care package
1972 - HMO option was added to health plan in addition to Basic Blue Cross (and major medical) United Medical Clinics and Kaiser were available choices. Surgical and medical fees were covered at 80% of reasonable and customary (UCR) charges. Out-of-pocket deductibles were decreased to 2% of basic wage / or $250 deductible. .
1974 - Dental Plan was introduced - UCR increased to 90% for surgical and physician fees. Deductible decreased to 1% or $150 per individual.
977 - Expanded Health coverage, new orthodontia coverage. Increased maximum health coverage.
980 - Vision care introduced - dental coverage increased. UCR increased to 95%. Many services now covered at 100%.

1983 - Additional services covered at 100%

1986 - New coverage for hospice care, extended care facilities, home health care, extended care, etc. Mail order prescription plan and substance abuse programs introduced. Improved vision plan. Increased dependent life insurance coverage.

1989-Dental improvements - pay up to 75%. New pre tax health care spending. Employee Assistance program to assist in dealing with substance abuse and emotional illness.

1992- Improved prescription drug plan. Mental health coverage improved.

2001 - Laser vision corrective surgery offered at discounted rates.

2001 - Introduction of Care Plus - employee paid supplemental medical plan for certain costly potentially life saving treatments currently not covered by medical plan.

2002 - Dental Expense Plan schedule increased 5%. New dental PPO available - increased annual maximum to $1,300, orthodontia life time maximum of $1,600. Medical flexible sending accounts increased with employees being able to contribute up to $3,000 pre-tax for medical expenses (up from $1,500). Improve treatments of Class 11 dependents. Improve treatment of disabled dependents. Establish a Joint Health & Disability Benefit Committee.